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Survey Results

Kyoto Survey Results

1) If the United States had chosen to ratify the Kyoto Accord, it would be appropriate for Canada to do so as well. (66 Responses)

  • Strongly Agree: 16

  • Agree: 17

  • Disagree: 14

  • Strongly Disagree: 15

  • No Comment: 4

2) The Federal Government must carry out comprehensive provincial consultations before it decides to ratify. (65 Responses)

  • Strongly Agree: 31

  • Agree: 19

  • Disagree: 4

  • Strongly Disagree: 7

  • No Comment: 4

3) I would like to see some form of Federal environmental legislation put in place to limit our greenhouse has emissions. (66 Responses)

  • Strongly Agree: 26

  • Agree: 20

  • Disagree: 7

  • Strongly Disagree: 8

  • No Comment: 5

4) The strength of our economy must be the primary concern of the Federal Government. (65 Responses)

  • Strongly Agree: 25

  • Agree: 16

  • Disagree: 14

  • Strongly Disagree: 9

  • No Comment: 1

5) The link between C02 emissions and the rate of global warming and ozone depletion has been exaggerated. (65 Responses)

  • Strongly Agree: 17

  • Agree: 13

  • Disagree: 14

  • Strongly Disagree: 16

  • No Comment: 5



This survey is not scientific, but it does give some indication of how constituents and others feel about this important issue. Please only vote once, but you may encourage your friends and colleagues to vote. Letters or e-mails offering additional comments are very much appreciated. If you write, please include your address.

Please note that this survey is offered on the web site of Advertising is provided by and is not necessarily endorsed by David.


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