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Kilgour Defends Traditional Marriage

David made this statement at a town hall meeting in Edmonton on November 26. 

There have been concerns expressed that I did not represent those of you opposed to same-sex marriage strongly enough last fall. Let me therefore indicate briefly what happened...

  1. When the matter arose in May-June, then-Prime Minister Chrétien was aware that I believed the Ontario Appeal Court decision should be appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, which is the only court whose decisions bind all provinces. ...

  2. Over the summer, I consulted as widely as possible with the constituents I represent. The results of one 300-home survey indicated that almost two thirds were opposed to same-sex marriage (a position I favour as well). The survey was reprinted in a letter to constituents. About half of those surveyed favour another term such as “civil union” or “partnership” for same-sex couples, which I also favour.

  3. On July 30th, I indicated in a Globe and Mail story the nature of the opposition in southeast Edmonton to the proposal. …

  4. On the day in September when the votes were taken, I spoke to the then-Prime Minister and told him I could not vote differently than in 1999, when I took a stand to support traditional marriage. I was very aware of the consequences that would probably follow my decision to abstain. ...In short, in respecting the majority views of constituents on this issue, I expected to be tossed out of cabinet.

  5. I continue to work on the issue and indeed think the reference to the Supreme Court of Canada should be broadened to ask further questions.


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