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Kilgour Reaffirms Support for the Traditional Definition of Marriage

December 14, 2004

Following the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgment on the four part reference on same-sex marriage, David Kilgour said:

“A substantial majority of residents of Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont appear to favour reserving the term marriage for heterosexuals; so do I.  The adoption of a term such as “civil union” or “partnership” for same-sex couples, with the same same-sex obligations and rights as for heterosexuals unions, also appears to reflect the views of a majority of constituents.”

“In all the circumstances, including the refusal of the court to answer the question of whether heterosexual marriages violate the Charter of Rights – a question I urged the government to add – I’ll reaffirm the majority view of constituents by voting against any motion in the House to legalize same-sex marriage.”




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