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Ryszard Paszkowski receives Canadian Citizenship

(exerts from his thank you to David Kilgour)

July 16, 2004

"Thirteen years ago, I met David Kilgour at his office while I was desperately searching for justice.  At the time, many turned their backs from me and my problems.  Many were just afraid to associate with me, simply because my case was “politically incorrect”.  My case was about my fight against the Federal Government of Canada.  According to the government, I should be deported out of this country immediately.  I should be deported, because I knew too much about the wrong doings of some of the governmental agencies.

Today, as I become a Canadian citizen and after so many years, I don’t have to look around my shoulder any more for fear of being deported (it would be tough to get used to it), I would like to thank David for those years of his support and friendship.  My case has shown that David’s stand for humanitarian issues and injustice was right and I am convinced that David will do it again and again for everyone in similar situation. 

Thanks to David, my case has proven that our fight was just and proper.  Thanks to David, our family survived in unity and my children have a father.

To me it doesn’t matter what political party David represents.  Canada needs more Kilgours.

Once again, thank you David!

Ryszard Paszkowski
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