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As many legal battles were fought in the Paszkowski family's case since October 4, 1989, words of thanks should go to all the lawyers who attempted to keep him in the country and out of trouble with the law while fighting the formidable official legal machine working against him. Barbara Jackman, Tita DeRousseau, Brian Beresh and, for the past two years, Bradley Willis, helped guide Paszkowski through the maze of Canadian Immigration laws and regulations and defended him, in some instances beyond the call of what is normally required of a legal counsel. Suzie Verge, of Brad Willis' law office, Cleall Pahl Knaak and Veylan, deserves thanks for facilitating the flow of paper and information between all parties involved.

Larry Hoffman, literary agent extraordinaire, merits gratitude for his help in expeditiously finding Prentice-Hall, a publisher willing to take a chance on this undertaking. My editor at Prentice-Hall, Kelly Dickson, was most helpful in improving the book.

Many Edmontonians followed this case through the media. Many know the Paszkowski family and helped them in various ways. Ryszard Fryga and his wife, Teresa, offered practical help, comfort and support to the Paszkowski family and were always there in moments of crisis and joy: taking care of Ela while Ryszard was imprisoned; making the arrangements for their wedding; being there for the birth of their second son, Kevin, while his father was out of the country; being there for them when Ryszard was arrested at Woolco, to mention only a few.

Grateful thanks also go to Janina Muszynski, Professor Alexander Matejko, Mike Pawlus, Mark VanPeteghan and many others who believed in the human gesture of extending a helping hand to people in need.

Comments, criticism and many constructive suggestions designed to improve the flow of the material in this work and to keep the interest high, came from: Nancy Beauchesne; Laura Kilgour; Elizabeth Kwasniewski; Sara Mohsin; Catherine Beaudry; and Cecil Cross. Your assistance in improving the manuscript is greatly appreciated.

Clearly, this book would not have been feasible at all without the tireless work of Danuta Tardif and Cynthia Guibord. Danuta translated and edited Ryszard Paszkowski's 350 pages of hand-written notes; researched all required background information and searched thousands of pages of documents in order to pinpoint the few dozen that were actually useful. Cynthia Guibord supervised the flow of information on Paszkowski's case and co-ordinated our collective effort of putting the whole thing together. She tirelessly, without complaint typed and retyped our many drafts before it was up to her professional standards.

Finally, sincere gratitude to my wife, Laura, and our children Margot, Eileen, David and Hilary, Louis-Paul Tardif, and Conrad Guibord for their patience and understanding of the many hours required to assemble this work, which is really a four person (with Ryszard) enterprise, at the expense of family time.


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